Oualie to Host Permanent Site for Aquatic Swim and Sail Center

At the recent closing ceremony of a swim and sail camp, hosted by the Nevis Aquatic and Sailing Center, one of the members, Carolyn Woods, outlined an elaborate plan for the building of a permanent site for the organization, at Oualie Beach.

Ms. Woods indicated that plans have already been drawn up and submitted to the NIA and the administration’s representatives have been an integral part of the planning discussions.

She noted that the site was perfect for what they wanted to do.  The plans include, the removal of the containers towards the roadside and these will be set up as classrooms.  Next, a permanent toilet and child facility will be constructed.

The next phase will see, the construction of a wooden, two-level deck, which will serve as a restaurant and bar, for families and participants.

In order to achieve the ultimate goal, she stated that much fundraising will have to be done and urged her listeners to donate in kind, for example by assisting with the painting of the containers, or to make monetary donations, no matter how small.  She indicated that the plans were not overly ambitious, but have a realistic budget and will be executed in a simple manner.

The Center’s website will be used as a means for fundraising efforts.  It is anticipated that the first phase of the project, will commence in October/November of this year.

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