PAPA’—The Don at Pond Hill

By:Curtis Morton

Gingerland-Nevis—Mr. George ‘Papa’ Herbert, was grinning efficaciously from ear to ear, as he was escorted by no less a person than the Hon. Vance Amory, Premier of Nevis, en route to pulling the switch to light the Christmas tree at Pond Hill.
So wide was his grin that even though the lights from the tree drew huge shouts of acclamation from the audience and lit up the area in the process, the lighted tree remained in its shadows.

The event was the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Pond Hill, close to the Perkins’ residence but in effect, also encapsulated all of the surrounding communities of Clay Ghaut; Chicken Stone and Beach Road. It was held on the evening of Sunday 13th December.

The event was planned and coordinated by Miss Veronica Brandy and her hard working community team.

Chairperson for the proceedings, Mr. David Grant set the pace for the evening with his opening welcome remarks and prayer. The national anthem was then played by Miss Chelsea Burke on pan.

The scripture reading was presented by Mrs. Charmaine Challenger.
The program represented a wide cross section of the community members and various age groups, even though the children seemed to be the little stars for the night.
‘Local boy,’ Hon. Troy Liburd who hails from the general community delivered brief remarks. He asked his listeners to leave the negativity and ill will of 2015 and move into 2016 with new found love and a fresh perspective in order to make a real difference on the island.

Premier Vance Amory in his remarks as constituency representative, echoed similar sentiments but went a step further, asking the community members to develop a sense of caring and sharing, in order to make life within the community a lot better for all.

He admonished his listeners to individually vow to ensure that they seek to be more loving, caring, sharing and peaceful.
He opined that every community has individuals who if they commit themselves can make a difference in making community life easier for all, no matter their age, gender or any other difference.
Miss Veronica Brandy read the profile of the honored patron of the evening-George PAPA Herbert.

PAPA was then escorted by Premier Vance Amory and pulled the switch which effectively lit the tree, to great applause.
The program featured poems and songs and included a song by top vocalist from the village, Miss Joyelle Phillip. There was also another pan rendition by the other Burke twin, Delcia.

The vote of thanks was eloquently delivered by Headmaster at the Charlestown Secondary school and villager, Mr. Edson Elliot.
All present were treated to delicacies which included party bags for the children and snacks for the adults.

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