In game two of the ongoing under 21 Basketball league, played on Tuesday evening, the St. James’ team, rattled the defending champions, St. Paul’s, in the first quarter, leading by four points.

Whatever was said at the break, seemed to have motivated the champs and they came back to win the second quarter, 23 points to 5 and never looked back.

Final score:

St. Paul’s Parish 86 points to St. James’s Parish 52 points

First quarter St. James Parish 16 St. Paul’s Parish 14

Second quarter St. Paul’s Parish 23  St. James Parish 5

Third quarter St. Paul’s Parish 22 St. James Parish 17

Fourth quarter St. Paul’s Parish 27 St. James Parish 14

Half time score 37 to 21 in favor of St. Paul’s Parish

St. Paul’s Parish 86 points

Zaykeese Smith 25poi 23reb 4ass 1b/s 7 turnover

Jerome Clarke 20poi 9reb 1ass 2ste 5 turnover

Chavez Archibald 16poi 7reb 2ass 1b/s 6turnover

Thabiti Abrams 14poi 7reb 2ass 1ste 1b/s

Azaan Liburd 5poi 3reb 11ass 12 2 of 2 free thro made 6turnover

St. James parish 52 points

Ronel Jones 23poi 8reb 5ass 4ste 3 of 8 free throw made 2turnover

Jamarly Woods 18poi 2ass 5ste 1 b/s 1turnover

Kareem Daniel 11poi 3reb 3ste 1 of 4 free throw made 4turnover

Kimarni Nisbett 1reb 1ass 3turnover

Next games Saturday 10th February 2018

6:30pm St. John’s Parish vs. St. Thomas Parish

7:30pm St. George’s Parish vs. St. James Parish

Sunday 11th February 2018

6:30pm St. Paul’s Parish vs. St. Thomas Parish


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