PJ’S Secures Third Spot in Local League

By: Curtis Morton

It was indeed a hard fought game and the few spectators on hand, were highly entertained.

This as the local Basketball League action continued on Thursday night with the match up for third place honours between PJ’S and the determined Dynasty Ballers.

A tight first quarter showed from the outset that both teams had really showed up for the game but PJ’s started to pull away at the end of the second quarter.

However, the Dynasty Ballers secured a narrow lead in the third and when it really mattered in the final quarter, they tied up the score but that just left them a little short.

Final score: PJ’S 65 Dynasty Ballers 59
The summary of the game reads as follows:
1st Quarter PJ 13 Ballers 11
2nd Quarter PJ 19 Ballers 12
3rd Quarter Ballers 17 PJ 14
4th Quarter PJ 19 Ballers 19

PJ’s 65 points
Santos Calderon 25poi 4reb 7ass 2ste 5 of 7 free throw made
Karvin Smith 14poi 17reb 2ass 3ste
Jeffrey Lewis 8poi 10reb 4ass 1ste 1 of 4 free throw made

Dynasty Ballers 59 points
Norris Williams 29poi 10reb 2ass 1ste 5 of 10 free throw made
Trevin Nisbett 9poi 2reb 8ass 5ste 0 of 1 free throw
Dio Hendrickson 11poi 7reb 1ass 3ste

Next game Saturday 14th June 6:00pm IREP Challengers Exodus vs. PJ’s

Finals in the Nevis Amateur Basketball League starts on Tuesday 17th June 7pm C G Rebels vs Bronx Crisis

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