PM Harris thanks volunteers who bring Christmas cheer to children in his Constituency

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, December 18, 2017 (PLP PR Media Inc.) — Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris has been the Parliamentary Area Representative for Constituency Number Seven, Bellevue to Ottley’s, since 1993 and in all these years he would have held kiddies’ Christmas parties in each of the villages.

The parties have been hugely successful, and he attributes the success to the individuals who volunteer from the different villages to bring cheer to the children. This year’s Christmas season is no exception as two parties were held on Saturday December 16 at Lodge and at Ottley’s, and another two were held on Sunday December 17 at Bellevue and at Christchurch.

“Today I had the opportunity to see the kiddies’ parties taking place at Bellevue and now this evening at Christchurch,” said Prime Minister Harris on Sunday December 17. “I want to start by complimenting and commending the organisers for the effort they put into bringing good cheer to the young people.”

Dr Harris singled out for mention Mrs Natasha Gordon, who hails from Bellevue for coming back to Bellevue to host the kiddie’s Christmas party there because she has since moved and now lives in Ottely’s where she is a beneficiary of the Team Unity’s Housing Solution, and to have organised her community so that the children could have the wonderful experience.

Others mentioned by the Prime Minister were Ms Shanice Allen who hosted the party at Christchurch, while those who hosted the parties on Saturday were Mr Manasses Huggins at Lodge for children of Lodge and Bourryeau villages, and Ms Yvette Bass who hosted the party at Ottley’s for children from Ottley’s and Lodge Project.

Assisting the hosts were Ms Octavia Huggins, Ms Trevlyn Stapleton, Ms Krysta Phipps and Ms Kishma Dolphin at Lodge; Ms Mary Saunders, Ms Paulette Jarvis, Ms Daisy Huggins and Ms Dawnecia Matthew at Ottleys; Mrs Vincia Matthew at Bellevue; and Ms Kellyn Stephens at Christchurch.

“So every year we have been doing a wonderful deed, reaching hundreds of young people, mobilising a significant number of adults to come to contribute as servers, as people to help to ensure that while the children are enjoying, they are looked over by a significant adult,” said the Prime Minister.

He said of the volunteers who provide an opportunity for the young people to come together and to experience the merit of the yuletide season: “It is a wide diversified group of persons who are interested in what we are doing and I want to thank all of them for whatever contribution they have made.” He also added: “I think the fact that people are taking the time making the sacrifices is an indication that for them this is important – this is something that must go on.”

The parties this year were made possible through the efforts of the Peoples Labour Party (PLP) Constituency Number Seven Branch. Prime Minister Harris is the National Political Leader of the Peoples Labour Party. Phillip’s Village will have its party on Monday December 18, while Tabernacle Village, Molineux and Mansion will have their different parties on Tuesday December 19.

The major form of entertainment was provided by the Sylvester’s Masquerade who made appearances at all the venues on Saturday and Sunday, and will be doing duty at all the parties on Monday and Tuesday.

“I also thank the Sylvester’s Masquerade who came and provided the folklore experience for our children because we want that tradition to continue,” commented Prime Minister Harris. “The more we can expose this to the young people, the more they can enjoy, the more they can see young people like themselves participating in it, the better the prospects for the folklore to survive.”

There was a bouncing castle at each of the venues that attracted the children at each of the parties, while a DJ provided music and public address services. There was plenty of food to eat mostly by the parents, snacks for the children and gifts for the children which would normally be distributed at the end of the event.

Prime Minister Harris also thanked members of the business community who supported the activities and the PLP Constituency Group which had its own fund raising activities that were able to assist in defraying the cost of hosting the Christmas parties for hundreds of children and their parents and friends.

“I am happy that for all the years that I have been serving as a member of parliament some twenty four years now from 1993, this activity has continued without stop,” said Prime Minister Harris. “So to all my supporters, all my fans, the organising committee of the Constituency Branch, I say thank you very much and continue the good work.”

Saying that he was looking forward to Monday and Tuesday when other villages hold their parties, Prime Minister, and PLP National Political Leader concluded: “We hope that each one will be a joyous occasion for all of the children that come forward and that their parents would be deeply appreciative of the time and efforts others would have put into getting this event going, just for the pleasure and the delight of the children.”


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