Basseterre, St. Kitts, September 04, 2016 (SKNIS): The St. Kitts and Nevis Postal Service is cautioning its customers not to post money in the mail and to take more precautions when mailing sensitive material.

Postmaster General Dario Gill, speaking on the Government radio and television programme “Working For You,” stressed that persons should use money orders when sending money, rather than mailing cash in letters.

“We don’t advise persons to send money through the mail for obvious reasons. We have money order facilities at the post office. Person can purchase a US money order, or one for the UK…once you send cash through the mail and it leaves, anything can happen from that point. We won’t be responsible if persons send cash through the mail,” Mr. Gill said.

In the event the mail has been damaged, the sender must sign documentation in the presence of the post office staff when sending the mail to ascertain that that was the condition of the mail before it was sent.

“Normally when someone sends a letter and it’s taped, they are supposed to sign (a document) and that letter would be re-taped…that would show, coming from the sender that this letter has not been tampered with,” Mr. Gill said.

Mr. Gill advised persons to use the Express Mail Service when sending confidential documents.

“Of course you pay a little bit more but it’s expedited. Persons can receive it within three to five business days. You can track the item as well,” Mr. Gill said.

Meanwhile, while acknowledging that there are advantages in using electronic mail versus regular mail, Mr. Gill noted that there are still significant benefits in using the postal service.

“Traditionally, if you send a postal letter to someone, you know that it’s going to be received by that person and it’s up to that person what they do with that letter. With the email, you send it to that person and that person can forward it to several other persons,” Mr. Gill said.

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