Red Leads at IWPS

The excitement continues to mount at the Ivor Walters Primary as the athletes there continue to secure points for their various house teams.

The school held its annual cross country races on Friday 20th February and the event was well supported by family members of the athletes.

At the end of the races, the top placers were as follows:
Top five for Kindergarten Girls

1st: Moriah Daniel
2nd: Shadea Wilkinson
3rd: Ki-saura Wiltshire
4th: J’rell Powell
5th: Dejuane Huggins

Top five for Kindergarten Boys

1st: Leon Thompson Jr.
2nd: Anthony Stephens
3rd: T’Jahari Mills
4th: N’kosonae Hanley
5th: Jaden Bramble

Top five for Grade 1 & 2 Girls

1st: Juliska Mills
2nd: Sierra Fahie
3rd: Aneyah Kelly
4th: Deandre Drew
5th: Kyera Morton

Top five for Grade 1 & 2 Boys

1st: Kenron Freeman
2nd: Khalid Sage
3rd: Joshua Smith
4th: Ahijah Williams
5th: Sammy Lucius

Top five for Senior Girls (Gr.3, 4,5&6)

1st: Nyobe Richards
2nd: Keesha Mills
3rd: Leandra Webbe
4th: Shaniah Richards
5th: Deandra Webbe

Top five for Senior Boys (Gr.3,4,5&6)

1st: Trevon Dunrod
2nd: Taije Jeffers
3rd : Gabriel Howell
4th: Rocco Browne
5th: Jomoy Walters

Points to date

Gold: 503 Green: 529 Red: 564

The last and Final Event for heats is the Road Relay on the 25th February 2015. at 9:30 am.

The school’s Annual Sports Meet will be held on the 06th March at the Brown Hill Recreation Grounds starting at 12:00pm.

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