Redhouse Dominates At Little Stars Nursery

By Curtis Morton

The fact that the meet was held after the grand Gulf Insurance Primary Schools meet is instructive. One can therefore assume that this indeed was ‘the meet of the year.’

Reference here is made to the Little stars Nursery sports meet, held on Friday 6th April at the school’s grounds.

The little tots and their adoring parents, siblings and members of the general public, showed up in their numbers, for the grand event.

The athletes competed in races such as: Flat races; potato races; thread the roll; undress race (putting on a t- shirt and first one to get it off and get to the finish line, the winner); ball race; bag race (identifying their school bags and racing to the finish line); shoes race; slow race (the really tiny ones) and bottle feeding race (parents feeding the babies and then racing to the finish line with baby in hand).

At the end of all that excitement the mothers and fathers on hand also engaged in races of their own to add to the fun and excitement.

When the points were tabulated, the results were:

Red house 276 points -champions

Green house 207 points

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