Rusty CG Rebels Shake Off Ole Skool

Royden CHARLIE Browne, the captain of the CG Rebels team, admitted in a post-match interview, that his multiple times champion team, was a little rusty.
‘We have not been practicing but we will get better as the season progresses,’ he warned.

This, as action in the Malcolm Guishard Basketball league continued on Tuesday night, at the Church ground Hard court.

Led by some dynamic plays by Vance Allen, the Ole Skool team promised to upstage the former champion team and at the half time whistle, led by two crucial points-35 to 33, at that time.
Rusty or not, the experienced CG Rebels inched away slowly in the latter stage of the final quarter to clinch an eventual four points win
Final score: CG Rebels 73 Ole Skool 69

First quarter C G Rebels 19 to Ole Skool 15
Second quarter Ole Skool 20 to C G Rebels 14
Third Quarter C G Rebels 21 to Ole Skool 14
Fourth quarter C G Rebels 19 to Ole Skool 13

Half time score 35 – 33 in favor of Ole Skool

C G Rebels 73 points
Royden Browne 18poi 12reb 6ass 6ste 3b/s 8 of 12 free throw made 3 turnovers
Jermie Jeffers 25poi 6reb 2ass 7ste 1 of 4 free throw made 4 turnovers
Jenerson France 20poi 4reb 1ass 0 of 6 free throw 6turnovers
Donford Wilkinson 3poi 7reb 6ass 3ste 2b/s 1 of 2 free throw made 5turnovers

Ole Skool 62 points
Vance Allen 17poi 3reb 2ass 4ste 2 of 2 free throw made 3 turnovers
Robert Scott 10poi 7reb 1ass 1turnover
Santos Calderon 9poi 1reb 5ass 4ste 3 of 3 free throw made 6turnovers
Trevor Arthurton 8poi 6reb 1ass 2ste 5turnovers

Next Games: Thursday 26th 7:00pm C G Massive vs. Dynasty Ballers

Saturday 28th 6:00pm C G Rebels vs. Ghaut Bucs
7:45pm Brown Hill vs. Eagles

Sunday 29th 6:00pm C G Rebels vs. Dynasty Ballers
7:45pm C G Massive vs. Ole Skool

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