Saddlers Continue To Dominate SKNFA Premier U-13 Youth Cup

Saddlers Youth

Action continued on the weekend in the SKNFA Youth Leagues with matches played in Cayon and St. Peters.

On Saturday in the SKNFA Premier U13 Youth Cup Saddlers defeated NAGICO Cayon Rockets 3-1 in Cayon. Saddlers broke the deadlock early in the second half and doubled that lead moments later.

But Cayon earned a penalty and was able to get back into the game. No sooner had they scored that penalty, than Saddlers scored a stunning strike from yards out to seal the win. Goalkeeper for Saddlers Tajonne Charles said although his team won, they could play better. “They played good but they need to work on possession, some controlling and they need to take (more) shots,” he said, adding that if they follow this recommendation, Saddlers would remain undefeated in the U13 League.

In other SKNFA Youth League results on Thursday and Saturday:

Thursday 30th November 2023
SKNFA Premier Youth Cup (U – 13)

H E Garden Hotspurs vs Tge Dieppe Bay Youth Stars
* H E Garden Hotspurs did not show up for the match.
** Match Official – Raheem Rogers

Security Forces vs S L Horsford St. Pauls Utd
* Security Forces came after the grace period & St. Paul’s did not show up.
* Match Official – Jody Walters

Saturday 2nd December 2023
SKNFA Premier Youth Cup ( U-13 )
Conaree Fireballs 1 – 1 St. Thomas / Trinity Youths
** Match Official – Yohan Nieuenkirk

Rams Village Superstars 2 – 3 TGE Dieppe bay youths
** Match Official – Yohan Nieuenkirk

Saddlers 3 – 1 Nagico Cayon Rockets
** Match Official – Latoya James

Molineux vs Jones Group Sandy Point
*Sandy Point did not show up for the match
** Match Official – Latoya James

Thursday 30th November 2023
Atiba Harris U – 15 League
TGE Dieppe Bay Youth Stars Vs St. Peters
*TGE Dieppe Bay did not have enough to start after the grace period.
** Match Officials – Raheem Rogers & Zaiem Sutton

Security Forces vs S L Horsfords St. Pauls
* St. Pauls did not show up for the match.
** Match Officials – Jody Walters & Delroy Jeffers

Saturday 2nd December 2023
Rams Village Superstars 2 – 0 TGE Dieppe Bay Eagles
** Match Officials – Raheem Rogers, Jevian Archibald & Andrew O’ Connor

Nagico Cayon Rockets 4 – 0 Saddlers Utd
** Match Officials – Jody Walters, Latoya James & Brianna Paul

The SKNFA Youth League continues this Wednesday at 6pm with the semi-finals of the Keith Gumbs U17 League at the SKNFA Technical Center. At 6pm: Nagico Cayon Rockets will play Bath United and St. Thomas/Trinity Strikers will face Newtown United at 8pm.

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