SKNFA represented at FIFA Executive Summit in London

FIFA Summit a chance to dialogue on issues – SKNFA President

Two top officials from the St. Kitts-Nevis Football Association returned from a recently concluded FIFA Executive Summit that was held in London.

SKNFA President Anthony Johnson and General Secretary Stanley Jacobs participated in the last of a series of 11 FIFA Executive Summits, this one aimed at the future development of football.

President Johnson said he believes that such meetings provide an opportunity for the large and small associations to dialogue on important issues of football.

He said, “I believe that having the big associations come together with the smaller associations to discuss various issues is one way of ensuring some cohesion, because coming out of this, the bigger associations will see some of the problems the smaller associations are experiencing.”

He continued, “I believe that having bilateral meetings with them, as well, will allow them to form greater alliances with the smaller territories.”

Among the presenters at the Summit were FIFA President Gianni Infantino and Marco van Basten, FIFA’s Chief Officer for Technical Development.

On the agenda were important topics such as the ‘FIFA 2.0’ roadmap, football development, the role of compliance, technical/youth development and the future of FIFA youth competitions.

Reflecting on this summit and the series as a whole, the FIFA President said, “It has been a very interesting platform where we have involved all the member associations in discussing the future of FIFA.”

“This time, we focused in particular on football development matters: on the new Forward Programme, investments, and how we want to take development to the next level. For me and, I think, everyone involved, it has been a really enriching experience. Together, we’ll now move forward and do some good things for football,” Infantino said.


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