Son spared jail time for cursing his mother

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- A dispute between a mother and son ended the court’s sittings on Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at the District ‘C’ Magistrate Court, Charlestown.

It’s not often a mother brings her child to court but Wednesday, the Court saw Lindita Martin the owner of Double Deuce, accusing her son, Melroy Martin of using threatening language and insulting language to her.

Ms. Martin gave evidence that on April 13, 2013 she went to Pinney’s Beach to clean the area of where she had a beach bar. She said that on her arrival she saw two persons sitting at another bar, along with one of her sons, Virgil and his children. According to her evidence, while she was raking the area Melroy, her other son came and went by the same bar. She said at that point she heard Virgil say, “I done tell you not to come around and talk anything bad about my mother. I told you already I’ll box up your f***ing mouth”.

She stated that Melroy replied, “You and you mother just alike”. Here, she advised Virgil to move away and bring the children because the language was inappropriate. He obliged and began helping her with the cleaning. Ms. Martin stated that during that time Melroy was still cursing and swearing. She further stated that the fellows at the bar intervened and told him to stop cursing his mother like that since she was not ‘troubling him’.

Ms. Martin said at that time she decided to listen to exactly what Melroy was saying. That was when she heard him said “Watch her out there, she f***ing bitch, all she want do is make money. I have a friend in the country that has a gun I can get the gun and shoot all aryou”. After which she said a car came, Melroy jumped into the vehicle and he left. She then stated she went to the police station and made a report.

Melroy, who was unrepresented pleaded not guilty to both charges. During cross-examination Melroy asked his mother, ‘wasn’t you in an intense argument on the beach with some fellows and I told them to leave you alone because you was my mother and in fact you was the one who started cursing me?’ Ms. Martin denied his questions and stated that she was never arguing and he was in fact lying.

After his line of questions were over, the Court then allowed Melroy to give his side of the story. However, he told the Court that he would remain silent.

Magistrate Clarke told the defendant that she did not believe that his mother would come in court and tell lies on him. She reminded the defendant that this was the second time he has appeared before the Court for cursing his mother.

‘What must I do with you’? Her Honor asked.

In addressing the Court, his mother said that Melroy needed help, and if he did not get help he would not make it for Christmas. ‘Look at him, look how he looks’, she said. She suggested that he should be sent to prison for 6 months or more so that he can get ‘dried out’. She further stated that he was an alcoholic and he needed to admit that he has a problem so he can get the necessary help.

Melroy said that he did not want to go to prison. He said he was sorry and he asked the Court for leniency.

Her Honor stated that she did not believe that jail is the answer. She then ruled that Melroy would be placed on a two years bond. He is to keep the peace for two years and he is not to curse his mother during that period. If he does he would be brought back before the court for sentencing.

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