By: Curtis Morton

Gingerland-Nevis- The St. George’s Anglican Church has embarked on an innovative membership drive, which will culminate with a very significant church service on Sunday 30th October.

A Special committee has been put in place to coordinate the activity and is ably chaired by Mr. Augustine Merchant. Other members of the committee include: Antonio Liburd; Barbara Hardtman; Anthony Morton; Livingstone Herbert; Quincy Prentice; Sheila Evelyn and Chesley Manners.

According to Mr. Merchant, the church has come to the realization that throughout the years, they have lost a tremendous number of members. Some have moved on to other churches and some have actually stopped going to church.

‘I am not a Social Scientist but I am confident that there is a link between the drop off from church going and the current trend of deviant behaviour within our society,’ said Merchant.

The committee’s stated goal is to get people interested in church going once more and to have them continue to do so, for the remainder of their lives.

As part of the planning, the membership data base of the church, has been checked and especially as regards previously staunch Anglican families and the ‘missing’ persons are being contacted.

Committee members have contacted missing members on a one-on-one basis and a special invitation will also be hand delivered to all these individuals, who previously attended the church.

Additionally, a special invitation has been extended to all of the young men and women of Rawlins Village, a village which has seen an upsurge in violence in recent times and by extension, the entire Gingerland community and beyond is being cordially invited to the church service.

Additionally, each current church member is being asked to bring along at least one or two friends or family members to the service on the day.

The sermon of the day, will be presented by Arch deacon Alson Percival and will climax with a grand continental breakfast.

Without calling the name, Merchant also indicated that the ‘best’ String band on Nevis, will also be in attendance to provide music as well.

Another purpose of the membership drive will ultimately see the strengthening and rejuvenation of certain key bodies within the church, such as the Mothers’ Union; the Boys’ scouts; the church choir; men’s fellowship and the AYPA.

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