By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis—Ten of Nevis’ finest were honoured in an impressive ceremony held on the evening of Saturday 12TH March.
The ten individuals, all women, were specifically honoured in celebration of international women’s month, for their significant contributions in varying fields to the Nevisian community on a whole.

The ceremony which coordinated by the Gender Affairs Division of the Social Services Department, was chaired by the Coordinator of Schools’ Libraries, Miss Londa Brown and was held at the Courtyard of the prestigious NEPAC building commencing shortly after 6.00 pm.

The evening’s proceedings commenced with prayer by Mrs. Muriel St. Jean and a pan rendition of the national anthem.
The official welcome was delivered by Coordinator of the Gender Affairs Division, Miss Lorraine Archibald.

The feature address was delivered by Minister of Social Development, Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams, who immediately got the appreciative crowd (mainly women) involved by getting them to chant: “Woman is awesome!’

She noted that it was ‘criminal in every sense of the word, that girls and women have to continue to battle and to struggle against such things as rape, incest and domestic abuse, while still expected to be productive members of our society. We should be able to live meaningful lives alongside our male partners,’ she opined.

She made a call for all women to support each other and ‘create a place of comfort where all hurting women can feel and know that they are not alone.’
She pointed to the fact that women have the majority vote in the Federation (51% of the electorate) but seem not to be inclined to play political leadership roles and she urged her listeners to join her in leading out in the fight to advocate for women

She created a stir in the audience with her quote from former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher: “If you want something said, ask a man but if you want something done, ask a woman!”

Hon Brandy-Williams then presented the ten deserving women with their prestigious awards, after their respective profiles were read. She was ably assisted by Miss Culture, Miss Evania Thibou and Miss Haynes Smith, Miss Nelia Jones.
The ten women receiving awards were as follows:
St. George’s Parish
Vanita Walters and Mary Sutton-profiles read by Mrs. Kim Singh

St. Paul’s Parish
Genevie Daniel and Myrtle Howell-profiles read by Miss Lorraine Archibald
St. John’s Parish
Vanessa Williams and Lineth Williams-profiles read by Mrs. Shennetter Maynard
St.Thomas’ Parish
Alice Swanston and Naomi Douglas-profiles read by Mrs. Shelly Liburd
St. James’ Parish

Valencia Griffin and Carolie Wallace-profiles read by Ms. Shirley Wilkes
A surprise presentation was then made to an obviously shocked Judith Dasent who was on hand to video record the event.
She received the NOW award (Nontraditional occupation for women), from Minister Brandy-Williams, due to her excellent work in the field of videography for well over thirty years.

Tears flowed freely from her eyes as she accepted the award from the Minister and heard her words of commendation and approval.

Interspersed with the speeches and presentations, were some aspects of entertainment which featured the beautiful voice of Judith Dasent singing the song ‘I need you to survive.’ There was also a poem by Miss Shoya Lawrence; a dynamic dance presentation by the Elite Dance Theater and musical entertainment by Leroy Parris Jr on pan, with Soca Diva LADONNA, in the vocal spotlight.

The vote of thanks was delivered by Mrs. Shelly Liburd.
The many individuals present then enjoyed the remainder of the evening, enjoying the tasty snacks provided and enjoying the wonderful music.

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