The Miracle Remains

Charlestown-Nevis-Despite the harboured thought of a possible name change, to what has become known as ‘Miracle on Main Street,’ Director of Community Development, Mrs. Janet Meloney, revealed on Monday 3rd December, that the established name will remain as is, as many persons believe that it is still a miracle to see how some of the established cultural traditions are being passed on from the older to the current generation.

The much anticipated annual event, will be held this year on Friday 21st December, with the main activities centered in the vicinity of the DR Walwyn Plaza, located on Main Street, Charlestown.

From 9 am in the morning, Mrs. Meloney noted that there will be a sale of traditional foods, such as Potato pudding; cassava bread; rice and pigeon peas; baked chicken; sorrel; Ginger beer etc. etc.

From 1 pm, the venue will be changed to a concert format, complete with a stage and the various traditional folklore groups will perform. These will include: Masquerades; Clowns; Sweet Lemon; Nearga Business and many more.

The day’s activity will be officially DUBBED: ‘Miracle on Main Street-Folklore Extravaganza.’

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