The VOJN Primary school recently hosted a historic first.

On Tuesday 19th February, the school hosted the first ever house chant off, as the three houses which are set to do battle on their annual Sports day-this coming Friday, squared off in a chanting contest.
The proceedings were ably chaired by the popular WOODIS and JAHRA.
On hand making significant contributions were local singers such as Mya; EAZY; Kwarner and more.
The students of the various houses, ably assisted by their teachers, made their presentations center stage, to the warm applause of those present.
The presentations were innovative and creative and the judges must have had quite a bit of head scratching to do.
However, in the final analysis, the results were as follows:
Winner-Gold house-26 points
2nd place-Green house-23 points
3rd place-Blue house-22.6 points

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