The Way I See It

The way I see it, we human beings are some very interesting creatures.

However, throughout the years, I have learnt that what you do when you think that nobody is looking, is an illustration of your true character.

This afternoon, I had occasion to check out something at COURTS.

As usual, the parking lot area, right across to Ram’s supermarket, was filled, except for this one spot, directly in front of COURTS.

As I was about to enter the store, a small, black purse was observed, right there in the empty parking spot.
After a moment of thinking about how to deal with situation, I decided to go into COURTS and enquire if anyone there was missing a purse.

I went inside and quite loudly proclaimed that a purse was found just outside and inquired whether or not anyone there was missing a purse.

Interestingly, two ladies headed quickly towards the door and both of them were saying something to the effect that they have to check if it was their purse.

As they got close to me. I said: ‘The purse has US in it. Did you have US in your purse?’

That stopped them in their tracks. ‘No I did not have any US,’ one of them blurted out.
Well I newa!

Now, I really wanted to find the owner and I got help in searching the purse for some kind of an ID. There was none. Now, you must know that the purse contained US and EC dollars, along with credit and debit cards and some other stuff.

Eventually, I saw a debit card, with a long, strange sounding name, scrawled across the back of it.

It was then decided that we should check at Ram’s Supermarket and see if we could locate the owner.

Ram’s was congested and so I quickly realized that I could not do what I did at COURTS.
So the purse was given to the Manager, with the hope that the person would return.

However, when I was leaving, an idea struck me. The name sounded like it belonged to a Guyanese and so I asked one of the workers from Guyana whether or not she could check the name and let me know if she knew the individual.
She found something better than that. She found a driver’s permit, with the name clearly written on it.
‘I know the person,’ she exclaimed. I left her making a call to the person to come and get their purse and valuables.

It reminds me of a story that I read, many moons ago.
“A man walked into a very crammed bank and shortly thereafter, shouted: ‘Anybody lost a pile of money, with a rubber band around it?’
A number of hands went up.
‘Sorry but I only found the rubber band,’” he said.
Well I newa!

Many moons ago, I did a course of study in St. Lucia. One day, one of my classmates, accompanied me to a bank in Castries. The lines were long that day but as I got closer to the Teller, I saw a man who was quite obviously acting in a strange manner. He was very agitated and kept looking in front and behind him.

As I got immediately behind him, I noticed some money on the floor, a distance away from him.
I simply bent down and took up the money and asked: ‘Is this what you are looking for?’

The man literally leapt in the air and shouted to the Teller: ‘I found it. I found it. I found the thousand dollars!’
Now, all this time, my class mate was a few persons behind me. Later, he literally cursed me off and said that if it was him, he would have simply dropped his books over the money and then bent down pretending to tie his shoe laces and then ‘outa port!’
I told him that I could not do that—much to his disappointment.

So, the bible is clear: THOU SHALT NOT STEAL.

So we have got to learn to leave things that don’t belong to us, alone.
One lady back at COURTS, exclaimed: “Thank God is you fine um-cause if somebody else bin fine um-they get wet!’

I am from the old school and Luther and Mildred Morton, taught us well.
Thank God that they admonished us, according to scripture.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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