The way I see it, heroes ought to be treated with respect and dignity.

Tuesday 20th February will be a day not easily forgotten for sports lovers on Nevis.

It was the day of the Charlestown Secondary School’s sports meet and hundreds of individuals had gathered at the ET Willet Park, to witness the event.

Some of the officials had taken up their accustomed positions on the specially constructed seating accommodation, conspicuously located on the outside of the track.

Among those distinguished persons, was one of Nevis’ finest sons, Elquemedo Tonito Willet, the first Nevisian and Leeward Islander to make it into the senior West Indies cricket team.

In speaking to Mr. Willet at his hospital bedside, he informed me that although he does not love heights, the seat at the top, was the only available one vacant and so he took it. He is accustomed for the contraption to have a back rest at the top and at some point, leant back to relax and there was no back rest and so he tumbled to the ground, from all of six feet and more.

Now, among the early respondent, were the Red Cross personnel and they must be highly praised for doing an excellent job. Even though some persons criticized the time that Mr. Willet spent on the gorund, before he was removed to the Alexandra Hospital, the Red Cross personnel acted as true professionals, who know their trade, as they were aware that he may have suffered critical damage and had to take due care and attention in moving him.

So, having assessed the situation, they applied a neck brace and whatever other necessary measures were put in place, before he was moved.

One of the Doctors who attended to Mr. Willet at the Alexandra hospital, was the youthful Dr. Linton Liburd Jr. He has completed his studies and is now employed back in Nevis and actually now runs his father’s private practice, as the ‘old man’ who has served well, is now retired.

Interestingly, Dr. Liburd senior gained fame for attending first hand to the famous Robert Nesta Marley, at a Kingston Hospital, after he had been shot and helped in a big way to his eventual recovery.

Well I newa!

Like father—like son. I wish young Dr. Liburd all the best in his career.

Good thing that the Red Cross personnel operated like professionals. It has now been learnt that a vertebrae has been dislocated for our hero and he needs urgent and professional help to get that corrected.

Good thing, he is a member of MASA and so the company is excepted to do what they do best and get him to a hospital elsewhere so that he can receive the treatment he needs.

I urge you dear readers, to think about becoming members of MASA or some similar agency that can take care of you in times of crisis. As my grandmother used to say: ‘You never know where sickness is.’


I hope that by God’s grace our hero will recover soon and be restored to full heath, by God’s grace and I have a proposal to make.

With all due respects to one of my all-time favourite cricketers, Sir Vivian Richards, it was Elquemedo Willet who actually opened the door to the Windies team, for himself and Andy Roberts and all the other Leeward Islanders to follow.

Interestingly, the Antigua and Barbuda Government in its wisdom, just made available to Sir Viv, some elaborate concessions:

“He will receive exemption of duties and other charges on the importation of personal items [and] he will be exempt from paying property taxes on the home he owns and where he resides,” a statement from the Cabinet read. ‘Further, Sir Vivian will be allowed one duty-free car every seven years and if needed, he will be provided a driver and a home helper to be paid by the treasury.’

Now I am certainly not asking for so much for Mr. Willet, because maybe the Antigua/Barbuda government can afford much more than we can but a nice little package man—for the great man, I think will be in order.

For starters, the duty free car and the not paying property taxes, could resonate well with everyone.

I also think that in addition to the MBE that he was awarded last year, getting him knighted, should be a priority. Whoever needs to make the recommendation, am asking you to please make it.

Imagine, he opened the door for all of the Antiguan cricketers and a lot of them have been knighted before him.

Well I newa!

Personally, I really don’t appreciate post humous awards, especially when we can appreciate people when they are alive.

By God’s help and Mr. Willet recovers, I implore the powers that be, to ensure that this great Nevisian hero who has served our country so well and would have entertained us and made us happy throughout the years, is given his due reward.

Okay, I know that the ultimate reward we seek, is in heaven but it sure is nice when we can get a piece of the action on earth.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?


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