The Way I See It

By:Curtis Morton

The way I see it, we need to be even more careful whenever we board a flight for our next sojourn.
Based on what happened in the Alps the other day, I don’t think we would be going too far to ask the Pilot and the co pilot, before they take off: “Hey, you guys get along with each other?’
I could see some diligent students also doing a Google search on each pilot that they may have cause to fly with, to check out their historical past.

Then again, we may just do the ‘passive’ thing and ‘leave everything in the hands of God and pray without ceasing.’
Like I have said before, flying is not my favourite past time. As a matter of fact, whenever I board an aircraft, after I have settled into my seat, for the most part I resort to my favourite antidote and simply go to sleep.
Persons have asked me: ‘How do you manage to sleep in a plane? Didn’t you feel that bumpy ride about an hour ago?’

What bumpy ride? I was fast asleep! You see, I already know that when I am in the air in an airplane, there is absolutely nothing I can do but pray to my God for travelling mercies. If it was a boat, I would be a little more alert, because if something happens, apart from pray, I would be happy to utilize the little swimming ability that God has blessed me with. Oh yes! I would have a better chance there.
But up in the air so high! Well I newa!

I am also aware that they still seem to have a load of potholes up there and nobody fixing them and so every now and then, the plane must drop in one and somebody is going to scream out loud and grab the seat for dear life, so I go to sleep.
Speaking of sleep: I remember one time travelling to the Virgin Islands with the Masters’ cricket team and not long into the journey I went to sleep. I awoke and noted with some concern that all of my team mates were also dozing.
I glanced up quickly at the lone pilot. I was hoping that he had not fallen asleep too. Amazingly, he was very alert and very much in charge of the aircraft.
I breathed a sigh of relief.

I also remember boarding a flight once and when I looked towards the cock pit, I noted that the person in charge of the aircraft was a woman.
Sorry women, no disrespect meant, but my heart skipped a beat.
Anyway, that woman probably conducted the finest landing of an airplane that I have ever experienced. I will never again question the ability of women to be great pilots!
And so what to do when you fly?
My recommendation: Ask God to take full charge of your life, the pilot and co-pilot, your fellow passengers and indeed the entire journey…and sleep if you can.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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