The Way I See It

A weekly feature by Curtis Morton Sr

The way I see it, God has afforded us various talents and when used in the way intended, could prove to be a blessing to so many souls.

I attended the funeral service of the late Lorraine AUNTIE LU Herbert.  It was very well coordinated.

I watched intently as Mrs. Lorette Brand-Willet, walked purposefully to the front, to direct the choir, in a wonderful rendition.  I never cease to be amazed at what she manages to produce and I keep forgetting to ask her, how many instruments she is capable of playing and how many solos she would have sung for Prime Ministers and Presidents.

I mean, she gets the best out of her choirs.  As usual, it was a fantabulous rendition.  Give Jack he jacket –I mean give Jenny her coat -The lady has class.

Well I newa!

Some others have the ‘gift of gab’.  I listened intently, as daughter, Jennifer Hodge, delivered the eulogy.

As expected, the former Teacher, Headmistress and Education Officer was well-spoken and deliberate in her pronunciation. Clear as crystal, as she expounded on the life of her beloved mom.

What I found intriguing, was her mention of her brothers, when she mentioned that ‘one is trouble; one looks for trouble …’  Of course that left folks wondering which specific ones, she was alluding to.

Then the ultimate talker came to the podium.  The illustrious Evred WEBBO Herbert, was given the opportunity to say THANKS.  He was his usually composed self.

He really shocked me though, when he said that he understood that some persons attend funerals, to get something to place on their desks.  I wonder if he was referring to me?

Well he humored the grieving congregation, even though he was obviously mourning the loss of his mom, with his ‘light moments.’

So, as I reflected on that funeral service, it struck me forcibly that certain people just have certain talents and gifts and we should all seek to find out what our specific talents and gifts are and use them to bless others.  With some persons though, it is more like a camouflage.

You know a person can be verbose and charismatic, but when you really analyze what they are saying, it makes absolutely no sense!

I think I mentioned some time ago, that I attended another funeral service.  The preacher was dramatic, charismatic and dynamic in his sermon.  There were a lot of AMENS.

When I went outside, a guy told me. ‘The preacher was really good.’  I asked: ‘What did he say really?’  He said: ‘I don’t know, but all I know, he was really good!’

I asked my good friend GOOGLE to tell me more about charismatic speakers and this is what I discovered:

1. ‘Charismatic speakers are self-confident and assured. They don’t appear nervous or ill at ease.
2. Charismatic speakers seem to be enjoying themselves; they are playful, humorous, happy.
3. Charismatic speakers are lively & energetic.
4. Charismatic speakers are knowledgeable about their subject.
5. Charismatic speakers look good, they have a stage presence.
6. Charismatic speakers speak without stumbling, using full sentences and correct grammar, without “ers” and “uhs.”
7. Charismatic speakers have an opinion about their subject. They care about it. You can sense their emotion, enthusiasm, and conviction.
8. Charismatic speakers relate their topic to the broader scheme of things, they are expansive, inspiring, and uplifting.
9. Charismatic speakers create a strong rapport with their audience, they connect.
10. Charismatic speakers are positive in outlook, cheerful, and cooperative.
11. Charismatic speakers are organized; their points are clearly connected and logically follow one another, with an overview at the beginning and a conclusion at the end. They are precise and complete.
12. Charismatic speakers (genuine ones) are honest, well mannered, patient, fair, and responsible.’

I found number 12 really interesting. The writer paced in brackets (the genuine ones).  That is instructive. It means therefore that there are many speakers who are disingenuous.

God wants us to use our gifts and talents to EDIFY, to UPLIFT and to BLESS others.

Anything short of that, all of our STYLE and FASHION are meaningless

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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