The Way I See It

A Nevispages weekly feature by Curtis Morton Sr

The way I see it, some days are just meant to test you.

Thursday of this week was one such day for me.  I had occasion to go to a particular bank. I met approximately six persons in the line, waiting on the outside, ahead of me.

Well, I waited and I waited and I waited…….

Not exaggerating. I think I spent very close to an hour before I was allowed inside.  Only to meet another line and had to wait another 15 minutes or so, before I got to the top of the line.

As one customer moved away from one of the Tellers, I quickly moved towards the Teller, happy that I was finally going to get my business transaction completed.  To my horror, the Teller had even more quickly placed the sign:  Another officer will be pleased to serve you.’

Well I newa!

But wait! What she really mean eh? That she does not like me? That she would not be pleased to serve me?  Then a young lady whispered: ‘The lady has to go for lunch.’

I reluctantly resumed my position at the head of the line and finally was called by another Teller.

Then, I had the need to go to my favourite banking institution – The Nevis Cooperative Credit Union.  As I got there, I realized that there was a long line and it occurred to me that it was probably payday and that all of the banks in town, had long lines.  I decided—not again!.

So I headed for the ATM.

Curtis Jr who is TECH SAVVY, had taught me a long time ago, that it made sense to acquire a card and it could be utilized on occasions such as this one.  So, I almost boastingly passed all those people in the line, with a bright ‘hello,’ and entered the ATM.

Sanitized my hands and proceeded to pull my card from my pocket.

To my chagrin, I discovered that it was not there and after thinking deeply, I realized that I must have left it in my bus and the bus was parked, all the way down by the St. Paul’s Anglican Church.  I almost bawled!

Then I remembered that my wife is adamant that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A GOOD.

So, I said to myself: ‘Self, the walking and the exercise is good for you.’  It was like I heard myself screaming back at me: ‘Yeah right!’  Well, I made the trip and returned to transact my business at the ATM.

One woman in the line called me and said: ‘Are you that have Nuff money, can show off with all you card.’

Here was a teachable moment.

I explained to her that the card had nothing to do with NUFF MONEY. That I was maybe even more worse off than she was.  It only provided the convenience for quick service, when there was heavy traffic, as was the case on that day.  I even told her that I would only be charged $1.00 for that service.

She was amazed and I am certain that she will be getting a card soon.
Later that same afternoon, I hustled from town and remembered that I need to get a few things at Best Buy in Gingerland.  I arrived there just after 4 pm and realized that the CLOSED sign, was already on the door.

I guess it was not my day!

I am not too bright, but I sincerely believe that God allows such days in our lives so that we can develop patience and grow in his grace.

I am certainly not Job’s cousin, but I long for the day when I can truly reach that stage, to exhibit even a portion of his kind of patience.

I believe that is the way, God would have us to go.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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