The Way I See It

By: Curtis Morton

Curtis Morton
Curtis Morton

The way I see it, we should help people when we can but we ought to be really careful about it.
Now what do I mean by that?

I was at the Inland Revenue Department recently, paying my property tax. Oh and by the way, while I am on the subject, folks please, please, remember to pay your property tax. I think the deadline is the month of June but the sooner you pay it, the better.

So I am at the Inland Revenue Department, paying my property tax and saw another gentleman there, who I assumed was also paying his property tax.
We greeted each other and while the Cashier was doing her computations, we ended up in an amicable conversation.
He told me the real reason why he was there. It was not to pay property tax; it was to pay for a ticket issued to him in reference to the non wearing of a seat belt.

Now hear this: When the traffic officer pulled him over, his seatbelt was securely fastened but the passenger with him in the front seat, had not thought it important to fasten his.
Now listen this: The passenger had begged him a lift and he obliged. When he asked the passenger about helping him to pay for the ticket, the passenger advised him that he was BROKES!
Well I newa!
So, poor guy. He had to foot the bill all by himself. Now can you see that guy willingly giving anyone else a lift in a hurry?
I remember quite a number of years ago, a school mate of mine was stopped by two young men, asking for a lift. He too obliged.
When the vehicle got to Church Ground, he unfortunately got in an accident. The two guys were damaged to some extent. You know the two guys WHO HAD BEGGED THE LIFT, turned around and sued the driver of the vehicle in which they had shortly before being enjoying a free ride!
So how to you deal with situations like these?
I maintain that we have to probably develop what I would refer to as SELECTIVE HELPS. Well I don’t think God intended it to be that way but people are mean and malicious. We just have to be ultra careful.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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