The way I see it

The way I see it, when you put your mind to something, even if it is a task that most persons would say is too difficult to be accomplished, once you put your heart and soul into the effort and more especially, if you ask God to take control of the endeavor, it can be achieved.
I am inspired by the seniors on Nevis. Just this week, Thursday to be exact, some thirteen seniors graduated from a basic computer course.
Well I newa!

Yes you heard me right. I did say computer course.
Now imagine that I worked in the Public Health Department for many years and during that period of time, all of our records were HAND WRITTEN. So when I got an opportunity to work at Social Security, I almost got a heart attack because within that culture, EVERYTHING WAS COMPUTERIZED.

I thought I could survive without having to deal with the computer. To be honest, I dreaded the thing!
However, after some degree of ridicule at my expense, I soon realized that if I was to survive within the prestigious organization, I would have to learn the computer thing or GET OUT!
I opted to learn the computer. I asked one of my co workers, Stevyn Bartlette by name to assist me.
We spent many after work hours, as he patiently took me through the ropes and we both kept it a secret that I was learning the computer.

The big day eventually came when he felt that I was at that stage where I could now go public with my new found skills.
I went to work that morning really early and I went on that computer and sent my first inter office email. What a feeling that was!
When one of the guys arrived and he saw me on the computer, it was a big hullaballoo. He called everybody else in the office.
‘Curtis is on the computer! Curtis is on the computer,’ he shouted!
Guess what? Now you can’t keep me off the thing!

I also recall an incident which I found funny at the time which related to a more senior co worker of mine, who had similar issues with the computer. He however, retired refusing to learn to work ‘the thing.’
Several years later, he met my then boss and said; ‘You know, I am now on the web.’
My boss looked at him astounded and asked him if he was talking about a COBWEB!
Hence my point, a mind is a terrible thing to waste and all things are possible through the grace of God.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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