Tribute to Raymond “Quality” Pemberton by Hensley Daniel

Today I pause to remember a remarkable human being my friend Raymond ” Quality” Pemberton.

With a larger than life personality, he lit up the atmosphere with fun and laughter wherever he went.

Such was his personality that he was called “Young and Strong” when he was growing up in Burdon Pasture.

He was one of the finest tradesmen that Nevis produced. He was skilled in Joinery, Carpentry and Masonary.

He along with the Chiverton brothers led the voluntary efforts to build the first Community Centre in Nevis at the Flats in 1986.

For Quality life was work and work was life but he found time for family and friends.

After moving to Anguilla in the late 1980s, he distinguished himself in the construction industry.  Anguilla benefitted from his mastery. His classical work can be seen throughout the island.

Whenever I visited Anguilla he was always there to take me around. He had become a household name in Anguilla.

He was an honest, hard-working, family and community man. He was one of the kindest men I ever met. He gave so much to so many.

He helped so many people to find work because according to him, he genuinely wanted them to make something of themselves.

I will miss his exuberant personality. His children and extended family, and Nevis will miss him. Anguilla will miss him..

Rest in peace my friend. Yours was a purpose-driven life.

You made a difference in Nevis and in Anguilla.

Thank you for your contribution to humanity!

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