By Curtis Morton

Wednesday 28th February was the day for the tiny tots at the V&J’s preschool, as they hosted their annual road races.

Quite a number of the parents and other family members, came out to witness the event.

To put it into perspective, it was learnt that little Madison, had relatives there, who had flown in all the way from England.

Albeit, they may have come to Nevis to escape the current snow storms there.

The road just above the school, was the main route used, even though the starting point was somewhat out of view of the adoring family members, anxiously waiting at the finish line.

The athletes competed in their various age categories and then for good measure, when you thought all was over, the teachers created much excitement, in a race of their own.

The final results were as follows:

3 year old girls

Kymberlee Wilkin-Green; Jai-Reh-Gregoire-Green; Keniyah Freeman-Gold

3 years plus girls

Sarriyah Wallace-gold; Ty’Aisha Williams-red; Ariella Morris-Red

4 year old girls

Khiarah Webbe-Green; Kaylee Francis-Green; Sanaiyah Liburd-Gold

4 years plus Girls

Tejariae Somersall-Red; Zhan-yae Myers-Red; Maliyah Grant-green

3 year old boys

Amaury Dore-Green; Pliequanjae Jone-Gold; Ariano Jone-red

3 years plus boys

Dahahral Marshall-Red; Nevondre Rawlins-Green; La Jahari Wynter-green

4 year old boys

J’Donte Lawrence-Gold; Omar Grell-Green; Jahmarli Kelly-Red


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