By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-Viola Nicholas of Fig tree, St. John’s Parish is literally over the moon.

Little did she know that as she did her regular weekly shopping one afternoon, towards the end of 2016, that there was much in store for her as she included a bag of chips in her purchases.

As she approached the cashier at Ram’s Supermarket, she was advised that with the amount of her purchase and the fact that she had purchased that particular brand of chips, all she had to do was to fill out a form and throw it into a draw to win a car.

In a recent interview, she noted that she had never bought the chips before and cannot recall purchasing them after.

She stated that she threw the form in the box and forgot all about it.

However, on Saturday 31st January, as soon as she had arrived home from church (being a Seventh Day Adventist), she received a call from an anonymous person who asked her if she normally shopped at Food Center. She said that it did not ring a bell, as she equated Food Center with a place in St.Maarten.

However, the mystery was soon solved as the caller revealed himself as Kurt Swanston of Food Center, Nevis, who had collaborated with Ram’s Supermarket in the draw for the vehicle, who indicated to her that she had indeed won the car.

She said that she was wondering if somebody was playing some kind of a prank and exclaimed:

‘Really!  Really now?’

When it finally hit home that she had really won the vehicle, she literally screamed down the place!

A week later, Kurt Swanston and the Ram’s representative brought the car to her home and made the official presentation.

“They took care of the licensing and I only had to pay the insurance,’ she said.

Viola does not have a driver’s license but she says that she is thinking seriously about trying to acquire one. In the meantime, her daughter Tessa, has the privilege of driving the little beauty.

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