VPL League To Bowl Off Sunday

By Curtis Morton

The fifth annual Village Premier league is set to bowl off this coming Sunday -8th April.

Chief coordinator of the tape ball competition, Michael WISE Herbert noted that there will be six competing teams this year. Teams are the defending champions BEATERS, Bush Whackers, Easterns, Empire, Thrash Dem out and Ole Skool.

This year there will on be one match on game days which will be SUNDAYS starting at 2 pm and games will be of 15 overs duration. This can change once the Hardtimes playing field is lit as has been promised.

There is a lot in store for the cricketers and spectators. The winning team will get $1,000.00 and a trophy and the second placed team will also get a cash prize.

A batsman hitting 12 sixes or more will get $50.00 and so too will a bowler getting 5 or more wickets.

Spectators seated or standing in a designated area can win $100.00 if they take a catch one handed or $20.00 if they take a catch with both hands at any part of the field.

The usual exciting live commentary will be a part of the fun and normally all of the business places in the Gingerland area are on board in sponsoring the incentives.

Main sponsor over the last few years was the Hon. Vance Amory who has agreed to be a part sponsor this time around.

Teams will only require a registration fee of $20.00 and vendors are kindly asked to donate at least $20.00 per game to assist with the costs to run the tournament.

After the brief opening ceremony on Sunday, Bush Whackers will engage Easterns in the first match.

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