Whales Beached at Indian Castle Bay

Gingerland-Nevis – It is an unprecedented phenomenon.  At this moment, dozens of individuals from all parts of the Nevisian community, are assembled at the Indian Castle bay area, where eleven whales came ashore earlier today.

Local Fisherman, Roy Simmonds, was the first to spot three whales heading to shore and immediately called Area Representative and local Parliamentarian, Hon. Eric Evelyn, who incidentally was a former Permanent Secretary of Agriculture.

Hon. Eric Evelyn and Premier Mark Brantley, later showed up at the site, where a total of eleven whales actually came ashore.

In explaining the phenomenon, Lemuel Pemberton, a local fisheries expert, explained that in all probability, one of the creatures was ill and headed to shore and because they move as a family, all of the others accompanied it, as if going to its aid and then all of them got stranded on the beach.

In the interim, three of the creatures have died and have been duly buried, by helpful large equipment operators, who have also shown up at the scene.

According to Pemberton, efforts to get the other whales back out to sea, have proved futile, as the water is very rough at this time and they do not seem inclined to leave.

Based on the advice from Premier Brantley and Hon. Evelyn, efforts will be made to give the remaining creatures, at least another lease on life, by taking them via truck, to another area, for example Long Point and hope that they make their way to deep waters from there.


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