Winfes Drag Race Event Attracts Huge Crowd

By:Curtis Morton

There was a huge crowd present at the St. James’ raceway on Sunday 4th June, as the Win Fes committee, hosted its annual Drag racing event.

The popular sport has been on virtual pause for some months now, as renovative work was carried out at the facility.

However, for the Win Fes event, the Drag racing fans showed up in huge numbers.

The local fan base was also complemented by a boat load of individuals who sailed in from nearby Montserrat.

At the end of the event, the Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams presented trophies to the top performers as follows:

Top winners:

14 seconds—Dylan Smithen-Nevis

13 seconds-Samuel Matthew-Nevis

12 seconds Tamra Wade-Montserrat

11 seconds-Andy Maloney-St. Kitts

10 seconds-Keith Barzey-Montserrat

Open-Mohan Harriar-Nevis

2nd place winners

14 seconds-Annelise Leibbrandt

13 seconds-Adam Sam-Nevis

12 seconds-Mackie Jeffers-Nevis

11 seconds-Raynaldo Chiverton-Nevis

10 seconds-Livingstone Manners-Nevis

Open (Blackbird)-Clifford Parry-Nevis

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