Youth and Sports Department to Host Football Tournament

Director of Sports, Jamir Claxton has revealed that the Youth and Sports Department will be hosting a Football tournament shortly.

With the current inactivity with the sport, posing a problem for the many Football fans on the island, Claxton noted that his office has been bombarded with calls from the Football loving public and players alike, to do something about the sport.

He indicated that his Department met with the former President of the local Football Association Mr. Rohan Isles and representatives of teams and clubs on the island and the decision was made to host the short tournament which will serve to generate interest in the sport once again and will serve as an appetizer of sorts for a much bigger and better tournament next year and the revival of the Football Association.

Claxton stated that the tournament will feature 8 of the regular teams that normally play in the local leagues such as Hard Times, Bath United; Highlights Int, Villa United etc.

The games will have some unique changes, as for instance they will run for 35 minutes per half and are expected to be fast paced and exciting.
An official launch of the tournament was set for Tuesday 4th December.

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