Anguilla Officials File For Bench Warrant To Arrest Scott Hapgood

The move comes after attorneys for Hapgood advised him not return to Anguilla for Monday’s hearing in his manslaughter case.

By Alfred Branch, Patch Staff

DARIEN, CT — Officials in Anguilla are applying for bench warrant for the arrest of Scott Hapgood, the Darien resident who did not return to the Caribbean island this week for a hearing in his manslaughter case.

In a post on Anguilla Governor’s Facebook page, Attorney General Dwight Horsford announced the decision to seek the bench warrant, which means that Anguilla considers Hapgood to be a fugitive.

“Hapgood did not present himself before the Court. In a letter e-mailed late on Sunday 10 November, his legal team notified the presiding magistrate that they had advised their client not to return to Anguilla,” Horsford wrote. “The letter further stated that this advice rested on concerns for their client’s safety and the fairness of the judicial process in Anguilla. Both concerns are totally groundless.Read More…

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