Arthur Hanley Gets To 80

Fern Hill-Nevis-It was a quiet but meaningful ceremony, held at the home of Mr. Arthur Hanley, located at Fern Hill, on Thursday 7th March.
On that day, the former teacher and former Public Health Inspector, celebrated his 80th birthday, surrounded by his dear wife; family members and friends, along with a delegation from the Ministry of Social Development.
Chairing the proceedings, was Miss Joyce Moven, Deputy Director of the Social Services Department.
She warmly congratulated Mr. Hanley on achieving the significant milestone.
Lifetime friend, Harold Bussue, gave the invocation and representative from the Social Services Department, Miss Jameka Morton, read the scripture passage.
The well know hymn ‘Great is thy faithfulness,’ was sung and then those present had the opportunity to extend their best wishes to the celebrant.
Minister of Social Development, Hon. Eric Evelyn, then presented a plaque and a fruit basket to the celebrant, on behalf of his Ministry and the City Drug Store.
He noted that Mr. Hanley had made his significant contribution to the society, as a teacher and as a Public Health Inspector and has decided to move back home, after spending a number of years in Canada.
He asked him to continue to bat on and get to 90, then to a hundred.
He was also quick to point out that Mr. Hanley was originally from Gingerland—his constituency.
Mr. Hanley, in giving a brief response, appeared a little teary eyed but was quick to explain that he had forgotten to use his eye drops that morning.
He thanked all present for making his day really special and thanked God for his life thus far.
It is understood that a much bigger celebration took place at his residence later that evening that went until way into the night

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