Athletics : Glendale Herbert Opines That Blackett Deserves Highest Honour

Former local footballer and athlete Glendale Herbert paid tribute to the late Lester Blackett at his funeral service on Sunday, June 9th. He declared that Blackett should be accorded the highest honour in the land. Herbert emphatically stated that Blackett’s ‘fingerprint is on every Nevisian in the last 50 years.’

Glendale Herbert

He mentioned that in sports, Blackett touched thousands of lives through his creation of the Interprimary schools. Additionally, Blackett created a winning CSS football team that dominated local football for many years. He was also an astute Physics and Chemistry teacher, who managed to increase the annual pass mark from 0% to about 80%.

Herbert expressed his belief that Blackett deserves the highest honour from both a private and government perspective, declaring, “Lester deserves it.”

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