Bath United Celebrates and Does Special Outreach

The Bath United Football Club had a busy but enjoyable Christmas season.

Bath United players celebrate birthdays

In taking a break off the pitch, the club members, under the astute leadership of Coach Alex Claxton, took time out to celebrate in a real way and also to participate in a special outreach program.

According to Coach Claxton, the club normally celebrates the birthdays of the players, in a big way, but due to the busy year, several players were missed along the way.  It was therefore decided that one evening during December, all of the players would be celebrated in one grand get together.

The parents of the players were very instrumental in cooking the food, preparing drinks and providing twelve cakes.

The players were called out by the month of their birth and all of the players in a given month had the opportunity to cut the particular cake assigned.

Claxton indicated that many of the fans also showed up and it was a highly charged and enjoyable evening.

Bath United players reach out to former player Keithley Browne

Also during the Christmas period, the club engaged in a special outreach program, to former player and ardent supporter, Keithley Anderson Browne, who is currently recovering from a severe stroke.

The club visited with the ailing former defensive stalwart and took along a food package and also sang carols.

Browne, even though he still has a speech impediment, sang along with the players and expressed his sincere gratitude for the kind gesture.

Going forward, Claxton is confident for an exciting year for his club.

So far in the Division one league in St. Kitts, they have won all three games played and the under 17 team, has won two out of three matches, so far.
His under 17 team is also preparing for the annual tournament in St. Maarten, to be held in April and the senior team will also continue in its quest to dominate the local league, which resumes this coming Saturday.

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