Beaters Hijack Bushwhackers

It had all of the billings of a good wrestling match and there was much hype and anticipation surrounding the hosting of the grand finale in the 2017 edition of the VPL league.

The names of the two big finalists suggested that blows would be shared at some point: BEATERS versus BUSHWHACKERS.

The match was played at the Hard times playing field and by 5pm there was a huge crowd on hand, including main sponsor of the league, Premier Vance Amory and Mrs. Amory.

The Beaters team won the toss and were off to a terrific start with an aggressive knock by Captain Adelvin Phillip, teaming up with a more sedate Junior DUNCAN Mills, to chalk up a century opening stand, before they were separated.

However, once the partnership was broken, the Bushwhackers team got a few more crucial wickets that slowed up the run rate.

Beaters got to 165 for 4 from their allotted 12 overs. A huge ask.

However, Bushwhackers, not backing down, led by Captain Carlon Smithen and Jacel Allen, hammered the Beaters bowlers around the ground for a time, which must have given them quite an early scare.

Then it happened. Carlon Smithen swung lustily but was picked out on the second attempt on the deep midwicket boundary by Liburd. A truly great catch.

Jacel Allen fought stubbornly, but it was obvious that it was going to be a one man show and once he perished, the proverbial fat lady, started up the choir…

Summarized scores: Beaters 165 for 4 from 12 overs: Adelvin Phillip 68; Junior Mills 26; Newton 12

Carlon Smithen 2 wickets

Bushwhackers 139 for 4 from 12 overs: Jacel Allen 73; Carlon Smithen 18

Adelvin Phillip 3 wickets; Nelson Bolan 1

Beaters won by 26 runs

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