Ceremony for Environmental Impact Assessment

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)-On the evening of Thursday, June 15, 2017, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) press conference was conducted at the St. Paul’s Anglican Hall in relation to the advancement of Geothermal on the Island of Nevis.

It was hosted by Thermal Energy Partners, (TEP) a Texas based Geothermal Energy Company which was founded in 2010 and provides sustainable energy. Information revealed by one member of the head table said he was part of constructing a Geothermal Plant in Germany.

Chairperson of the ceremony, Mr. Mackie Tross, welcomed the gathering and introduced the various persons at the head table.

The EIA was partly funded by the SIDF and the Geothermal Plant is slated to be built in Hamilton Estate. It was noted that Thermal will own 87.5% shares of the project whilst the NIA ownership is set to be 12.5%. It was also indicated, that the project will commenced shortly after the EIA is done and completion of the project should take twenty months. They told the gathering, that they are seeking to employ about 125 persons fulltime.

These employees are expected to be equipped with certain skills, however tutoring and training will be implemented as to how to maintain the plant once it has been completed. Once it has been completed, the company will sell the product to NEVLEC and NEVLEC will in turn have it sold to the consumers.

However, they told the attendees that it is beyond their control on how much NEVLEC will be selling the product for. They noted that after a twenty-five year period, the plant will be turned over to the Nevis Island Administration NIA. It was said that the plant will be able to provide energy for the entire Island of Nevis.



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