The Children’s Dance Theatre (CDT) cannot wait to reveal what they have been been cooking up behind the scenes for its 2019 dance recital.

Its three young but seasoned groups, Sparks, Starlights and Rockets will be steaming up the stage at the Sir Cecil Jacobs Auditorium on Saturday April 27th and Sunday April 28th, delighting the many lovers of dance productions with an original, delicate and spicy menu of dances; each carefully curated and overseen by Director L. Julie Martin and her staff Heidi Slack, Sonji Isaac, Shanda LaBega, Brianna Williams, Xia Claxton and April Burt. It’s been several months since they have all been prepping for what may be CDT’s most satiating assortment of pieces to date.

CDT opened its doors to the youngsters of the Federation in October 1989. The 100+ dancers presently enrolled receive weekly instruction in various dance techniques such as modern, african, ballet / lyrical, jazz, afro-caribbean, folk, acro- jazz, swing, musical theatre just to name a few.

Emphasis is also placed on physical fitness, good manners, grooming, poise, patience, determination, team work and self-assurance.

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