CPS Commence Cross Country Runs

There was much excitement at the Charlestown Primary School on Wednesday 4th February, as the students there commenced their series of cross country runs.

Top three placers CPS infant girls cross country
Top three placers CPS infant girls cross country

The athletes in focus were the kindergarten to grade two students.

Quite a number of parents, siblings and other family members showed up for the event and the cheers were loud and long as each child received support from their various family members or team supporters.

The boys went first and the route commenced at the back of the school, heading through Ramsbury Site, across by Vaughn Anslyn’s residence, right back to the school.

The top results were as follows:

Infant Boys
Jahlique Tyson-blue
Zidane Hull-Green
Tesean Newton-blue
Ashorn Gonzales-Blue
Jquan Athanaze –Green

Infant Girls
Anihra Wilkes-blue
Nishira Elliot-Green
Kaliyah Jones-Red
Natalia Henry-Red
Ajonique Newton-Red

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