Cricket West Indies (CWI) Accelerates Governance Reform

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Cricket West Indies (CWI) recently held a pivotal special board meeting and agreed on the next steps for implementing several of the Wehby Report recommendations on the long-anticipated governance reform.

Governance reform within CWI has been an appeal echoed by various stakeholders and cricket enthusiasts alike. Recognizing the significance of this, CWI President Dr. Kishore Shallow confirmed in a press conference yesterday that CWI has taken proactive steps to evaluate and revamp its governance framework.

The board meeting, chaired by President Dr. Kishore Shallow on 23 September 2023, primarily focused on the Wehby Report (2020). Jamaican Senator Don Wehby and his five-member committee were commissioned to enhance stakeholder trust and ensure more transparency and accountability in line with modern best practices for corporate governance.

President Dr. Kishore Shallow commented on the importance of governance reform, saying,

“The need for governance reform within Cricket West Indies has been a long-standing call, and we are acutely aware of its importance. The Wehby Report offers us a roadmap to a more efficient, transparent, and accountable organization. We are committed to delivering on this commitment, ensuring that CWI operates at its full potential and sets a standard for good governance in the cricketing world.”
He further added,

“The process of governance reform will be a collaborative and transparent one, with input from all parties invested in West Indian cricket’s future. The board meeting was an important step in gaining momentum in advancing our governance reform process.”
At yesterday’s CWI press conference, the chairman of the CWI Strategic Governance Committee, CWI Director Arjoon Ramlal, was also present. He was instrumental in revising the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board’s constitution, which now includes term limits for the president. The Windward Islands Cricket Board is another territory that has amended its constitution in recent years, with the introduction of term limits.

CWI acknowledges the invaluable input from shareholders, and the organization remains resolute in its dedication to improving cricket’s management and development in the West Indies.

As President Dr. Kishore Shallow reiterated,

“We are committed to working hand-in-hand with our shareholders to shape the future of CWI. It is against this backdrop, that we will be engaging the territorial boards in the coming weeks as their involvement in the process is critical.”
CWI, through governance reform, aims to enhance its efficiency, financial stability, and overall impact on the cricketing world. The organization remains steadfast in its mission to inspire, unite, and develop cricket throughout the Caribbean.

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