By:Curtis Morton

On Wednesday 20th July, a high level delegation from the Ministry of Sports, visited the St. James’ Raceway, located at New River.

The delegation was led by Junior Minister of Sports, the Hon. Hazel Brandy Williams and included, the Asst. Permanent Secretary in her Ministry, Miss D. Michelle Liburd and the Director of Sports, Mr. Jamir Claxton.

The main purpose of the visit, was for the officials to view first hand, upgrades to the facility, which are currently ongoing.

Director of Sports, Jamir Claxton, broke the good news that there will indeed be a Drag racing event, as part of the Culturama activities.

The race is scheduled for Sunday July 31st and will commence with the registration of drivers and vehicles at 11.00 am and with race time set for a prompt start at 12.00 noon.

He also made the grand announcement that despite the enormous renovation costs to the facility, the upcoming event will be going dirt cheap:

$10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children.

Asst. Permanent Secretary, Miss D. Michelle Liburd, used the opportunity to encourage the general public to come on out and enjoy a ‘family event.’

She noted that the event will feature mainly local cars and drivers, but there will also be significant participation from the Drag racers in St. Kitts.

She also pointed out that there are a few cars on the ground already from out of Anguilla and those may be a part of the line up as well.

Additionally, as per usual, the popular ODYSSEY band will be in the house and vendors will be on hand in their numbers, to serve the spectators with a wide variety of delicacies.

Minister Hazel Brandy-Williams indicated that she would have listened to the many complaints from the Drag race fans and drivers and she would have responded through cabinet, by making the resources available to upgrade the facility and make it a much safer place.

In terms of the ongoing works, she stated that LEFCO is charged with heightening the burm at the seaside end of the track and reinforcing it with tyres to make it safer for the drivers.

Another Contractor has been tasked with the responsibility of creating a retaining wall between the spectators’ area and the track and yet another Contractor is charged with the responsibility of fencing the entire facility.

The previous quarter mile track is in good condition, as it was recently resurfaced but has been extended to a half mile, which gives the drivers more braking room at the end of the race.

‘All these added features are towards enhancing safety’, stated the Minister.

In addition, a brand new starting system (Christmas tree) has already been purchased and will be installed next week and training will be conducted in its use and care. A brand new sound system has also been procured, which will serve to update spectators, all around the grounds, as to exactly what is going on, on the track.

The Minister invited everyone to come out on Sunday 31st July and enjoy the big Culturama drag racing event.

She promised that it will be something not to be missed.

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