CWI launches ‘WI Home’ campaign

Nailah Blackman

ST JOHNS, Antigua:

CRICKET WEST Indies (CWI) has announced a collaboration with popular Caribbean artistes Nailah Blackman and Skinny Fabulous, releasing its 2023 home series anthem for the highly anticipated white-ball matches against India and the visit by England in December.

Echoing a renewed appreciation for the beauty and spirit of carnival around the West Indies, the tune titled WI Home is an adaptation of Blackman’s and Skinny Fabulous’s blockbuster Carnival song Come Home.

WI Home which was recorded by the hitmaking duo expresses the unifying spirit of cricket in the region, the power of shared hope and the unique experience of watching cricket on home soil with family and friends.

WI Home also pays tribute to West Indies fans and their unrelenting support of the young teams building together to represent the region in the upcoming series.

Speaking on the synergy of their carnival chart-topper and the ‘WI Home’ campaign, Nailah Blackman said: “Cricket unites our identity in the West Indies and music brings us together. So, what better way to celebrate our Caribbean culture than to have a union of the game we love with the music we love? I’m thrilled to be part of ‘WI Home’.”

Skinny Fabulous

Adding his shared vision for regional unity through cricket and carnival, Skinny Fabulous commented: “I’m a proud and patriotic West Indian and a true cricket fan! I’m a strong supporter of the #MenInMaroon and always rally round the West Indies. I wanted to play my part and ‘WI Home’ is a way of uniting the region by bringing the joy of our cricket to the West Indies people.”

Dominic Warne, CWI’s commercial director, said: “West Indies cricket is in the homes and the hearts of fans across this region. We are delighted to see that cricket remains the heartbeat of the communities, and this campaign is a tribute to their rallying support.”

He added: “Together with Skinny Fabulous and Nailah Blackman, we have created this infectious, rhythmical theme song with a call to action and a reminder that our ‘home drums beat first’.”

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