David Freeman Center of Excellence Officially Opened

Gingerland –Nevis-An impressive ceremony signalled the official opening of the David Freeman Center of Excellence, also commonly referred to as GINGERAMA VILLAGE.

The ceremony was ably chaired by chief Coordinator of the project and current chairman of Culturama, Antonio ABONATTY Liburd.

He explained that the wonderfully designed structure, will be used as a mufti purpose facility, which will include: Home for Gingerama activities; a training center for classes in cake making, cake decorating and other arts; a community center for nearby villages; a venue where churches and other groups can hold wholesome activities such as concerts etc.

He took time out to praise the many contractors and individuals who worked on the project, to make it a reality.
Among the speakers for the evening, were Premier Mark Brantley, who noted that the idea was born with former Area representative, Hon. Vance Amory and the current Area representative, Hon. Eric Evelyn, ran with the idea and saw it to fruition.

Also speaking briefly, was Hon. Vance Amory, who praised Hon Evelyn and the Nevis Island Administration for completing the project.

Hon. Eric Evelyn himself, spoke about the project and the hours of sacrifice that were involved in its completion and urged all who would use it, to take care of the facility.

Interspersed with all of the speeches, were a number of cultural presentations, which included staring band, calypso and dance, which certainly served to entertain the sizeable crowd, in a huge way.

The contestants for the Miss Gingerette show and the Miss Gingerama contest, also made their grand appearances.

Earlier, family members assisted the officials, in revealing the sign, indicating that the wonderful edifice, was named in honor of the late cultural maestro and musical genius, the late David Freeman, who had made an indelible mark on the local music scene on Nevis, through his skills with the fife and other instruments used in the string band.

This weekend, the Center will be heavily utilised to host some of the 2019 Gingerama activities.
The remaining activities for the Community festival, include:

Saturday, November 30- Ginger Jam from 6 a.m. and later the S.L.Horsford’s Miss Gingerama contest from 8 p.m.

Sunday, December 1- A Cricket match and Fun Day at the Hardtimes Grounds from 1 p.m. and later, the TDC Miss Gingerette Pageant takes place at 7:30 p.m.

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