Devery Lewis Takes Gold at JLPS

By: Curtis Morton

Devery Lewis, needed some serious encouragement as she neared the finish line. It was obvious that she was exhausted and was being pushed by Jevysa Dore who was not too far behind and who was also receiving encouragement.

Scenes from JLPS senior girls cross country
Scenes from JLPS senior girls cross country

This as the Joycelyn Liburd Primary School held its senior girls’ cross country event on Friday 7th February.

Jevysa had led for most of the route which took the girls from the school through Hardtimes and Rawlins and back to the main road at Market Shop and then back to the school.

However, Devery took the lead as she got past Market Shop and the GSS students showed up to support both girls as they gave their final push for the gold medal.

They both walked at intervals but showed great determination and grit.

In the final analysis, it was Devery who crossed the finish line first.

Here is a summary of the top ten placers for the Senior Girls Cross Country at JLPS

1. Devery Lewis (Blue)
2. Jevysa Dore (Blue)
3. Jareecia Browne (Green)
4. Alesha Kelly (Red)
5. Shai-Ann Tyson (Green)
6. Vanessa Simon (Green)
7. T-Karli Edwards (Blue)
8. Taniqua Mills (Green)
9. Aniela Fyfield (Blue)
10. Anel Ferguson (Red)

Points amassed: Red Eagles: 42 Green Giants: 56 Blue Jaguars: 63

Points Standing: Red Eagles: 139 Green Giants: 161 Blue Jaguars: 182

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