Dynasty Ballers Finally Secure Championship Honours

It certainly was not a game for the faint hearted.

It was the evening of Saturday 15th December and the final game of the 2018 edition of the Malcolm Guishard Basketball league, was in the spotlight, as multi times champions, CG Rebels, engaged the vastly improved Dynasty Ballers, who had never tasted championship honours, in their nine years of trying.
Both teams had gone into the final game of the best of three series, with one game each in the bag.

From start to finish, this third game was a ring dinger and a supportive and vociferous crowd was on hand to witness it.

The tension mounted, as with 1 minute and 8 seconds on the clock, the score was 52 to 50, in favour of CG Rebels.
Trevorn Simmonds of Dynasty hit one and missed one from the free throw line. However, the rebound from the missed shot was sunk for two points. Make that 53 to 52 in favour of Dynasty Ballers with 42 seconds remaining.
Jermie Jeffers of the CG Rebels, then responds with a brave three pointer, from way up town, with 34 seconds on the clock
Make that 55 to 53 in favour of CG Rebels.

With just 12 seconds remaining, Orion Jones left hooked one into the hoop, much to the joy of the Dynasty fans, but suffered a cut over the right eye in the process.
The clock was frozen for one shot from the free throw line and Keijarie Huggins, calmly sunk it, to make it 56 to 55.
Jenerson France of CG Rebels got in a shot, but it hit the rim and bounced back, to the chagrin of the CG Rebels supporters.

The rebound resulted in another attempt at the hoop by the CG Rebels, but that again failed to go in and then came the final blast of the whistle, signaling that Dynasty Ballers had won by the narrowest of margins!
Final score:
Dynasty Ballers 56 CG Rebels 55
1st quarter-Dynasty ballers 11 CG Rebels 8
2nd quarter-CG rebels 16 Dynasty Ballers 10
3rd quarter-CG REBELS 14 Dynasty Ballers 13
4th quarter-Dynasty Ballers 22 CG Rebels 17
Half time score-24 to 21 in favour of CG Rebels
Dynasty Ballers
Trevorn Simmonds 10 points; 10 rebounds
Orion Jones 16 points; 3rebounds
Creg Angol 2 points; 10 rebounds
Keijarie Huggins 14 points; 2 steals
CG Rebels
Donford Wilkinson 19 points; 6 rebounds
Royden Browne 6 points; 9 rebounds
Jenerson France 18 points; 9 rebounds
Jermie Jeffers 7 points; rebounds
Closing ceremony –Wednesday 19th December at 7 pm at the Church Ground Basketball court.

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