ECSC Update on Anguilla High Court ECSC – an Institute of the OECS

Friday, September 15, 2017 — The High Court building in Anguilla has been extensively damaged following the passage of Hurricane Irma. As a result, the High Court in Anguilla will remain closed until further notice.

All criminal matters before the High Court will be adjourned until further notice. All civil matters before the Court will also be adjourned unless practitioners, litigants and witnesses can travel to the Court’s Headquarters in Castries, Saint Lucia and can be accommodated on a pre–arranged basis.

Matters may also be heard via videoconference if communications are restored to a satisfactory level. These matters will be assessed for hearing on a case by case basis.

Urgent applications may be routed electronically to the Court’s Headquarters to be heard by the assigned High Court Judge on paper or by teleconference or videoconference provided that communications are restored to a satisfactory level.

The ECSC will issue further updates as they become available.

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