Federation Teams Return From LI Tournament

Both the Nevis and St. Kitts Cricket teams, returned by boat at the Charlestown harbour, minutes to 8 am on the morning of Wednesday 26th September.

The two teams had participated in the recently concluded 2018 edition of the Leeward Islands 50 overs Cricket tournament which was held in Montserrat.

It was essentially ‘a tale of two cities.’

The St. Kitts players were obviously jubilant and on the other hand, the Nevis team looked rather dejected.

So too their fortunes differed.

The Nevis team had won only one match during the entire tournament, while the St. Kitts team had won all of their matches, except for one, which was effectively rained out. They not only won this particular tournament but in effect, three -peated—winning for the third straight year.

Interestingly, the Nevis team was joint champions with them last year.

In a rain curtailed interview with NTV Sports, Captain Adelvin Phillip of the Nevis team, indicated that his players tried their best but it certainly was not their tournament. He also saluted the organizers of the tournament, for a well-organized competition.

He noted that the St. Kitts team played as a team and performed exceptionally well and congratulated them on their win.

Coach Gerard TRINI Charles, was a little more blunt: ‘They lacked discipline,’ he said. However, he did not get to expound on this, as the rains came down at that moment.


Coach of the St. Kitts team, Steve Liburd, was obviously over the moon. He put the success of the team to weeks and weeks of training and preparation. They even have a national program in place, where the players are compelled to attend certain sessions, six weeks at a time and there is a stipend on offer, which cannot be collected unless the players show up and participate fully in the required drills.

As regards the Nevis team, he noted that the players have the talent but he is not certain if ‘they want it enough.’

‘They have to want it enough and be prepared to put in the work,’ he said.

He also indicated that the St. Kitts team got four selections onto the Leeward Islands team, which will be participating in the regional tournament shortly: Sheeno Berridge; Akeem Saunders; Terrance Warde and Jeremiah Louis.

Nevis has one lone section, in Nelson Boland and Adelvin Phillip was also in the thoughts of the selectors but just did not get into the 14 member squad, this time around.

The St. Kitts team was later met at the Basseterre harbour, by Ag Prime Minister, Hon. Shawn Richards and a host of supporters and celebrated in a mini motorcade throughout the streets of Basseterre.

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