Football Coaching Course Ends On Good Note

By:Curtis Morton

A one week Football coaching program, dedicated to assist coaches on Nevis and which was conducted by three coaches from the Netherlands, concluded on Friday 16th June.

The intense one week course, which involved some thirty local coaches, involved theoretical and practical exercises.

The sessions climaxed on Friday, on a good note. The participants were divided into five groups and each group made presentations on aspects of social ills that can affect the children within the community and were also required to present ideas and programs to counteract the said social ills.

All of the groups were commended for their research into the various subject areas and for their detailed plans of action.

The coaches in commending them, stressed that such proposals must not remain on paper but must be executed to the benefit of the Nevisian community.

Several of the participants were singled out for excellent work during the course and this was followed by an evaluation period.

The participants were then presented with their certificates and the afternoon concluded with the now newly upgraded coaches, executing tournament plans, which saw the involvement of some of the young Footballers on Nevis and this exercise was conducted at the Bath village playing field.

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