Former Grenada PM called on to resign as party leader

ST GEORGE ‘S, Grenada — A leading Grenada publication has called for the resignation of former prime minister Tillman Thomas as leader of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

In the latest edition of Caribupdate Weekly, the paper says Thomas must “exit gracefully and allow the NDC the opportunity to try and rebuild with fresh blood”.

Thomas became prime minister in 2008 after the NDC ousted the New National Party (NNP) 11 – 4 in general elections.

However, Grenadians’ complaints about the government’s performance appeared to have evolved into an avalanche of anger when voters returned to the polls last month.

Thomas lost his seat and the NDC was shut out of parliament. The NNP, led by Dr Keith Mitchell, won all 15 seats in the Grenada House of Representatives.

The former prime minister seems intent on remaining head of the NDC, saying this is not the time for resignations from the party.

“The behaviour of Thomas surely must be worrying to many senior members of the party who are quite aware that a Thomas-led NDC is only gratifying to the party’s base and it’s unlikely to ever deliver a general election victory to the National Democratic Congress,” Caribupdate Weekly said in an editorial.

“Resign, Mr. Thomas. It’ll be good for your political legacy,” the paper urged. “It’ll be good for your party’s future survival.”

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