Fuel Surcharge Calculation for February 2013

Nevis Electricity Company Ltd

Fuel Cost Adjustment Factor (Surcharge) Calculations
February 2013
FCAF   = C x (A – B)
where,             FCAF =   The Fuel Cost Adjustment Factor (Fuel Surcharge)
                                A =   Current Month’s Average Fuel Price (EC$/IG)
                                B =   Average Fuel Price at Base Tariff (EC$/IG)
                                C =   Current Month’s Fuel Usage
                                D =   Current Month’s Electricity Production (kWh)
                        Fuel Cost Adjustment Factor for FEBRUARY 2013:
                                    A =   Average Fuel Price for January                         $10.67($/IG)
                                    B =   Fuel Base Price                                                     $2.43 ($/IG)
                                    C =   Fuel Used for January                                        249,116(IG)
                                    D =   Electricity Production for January                          4,795,442 kwh
                        FCAF (Surcharge) =      249,116 x ($10.67 – 2.43)
COMMERCIAL          =   $0.43/kWh
DOMESTIC                =   $0.32/kWh
NB. A Twenty Five percent (25%) reduction for the Fuel Surcharge has been applied to the bills of Domestic Customers ONLY.

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