Gold House Dominates Cross Country Relays

The Heats action commenced at the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School on Tuesday 19th February with the cross country relays for the senior athletes.

The route was the same for the boys and girls. They commenced in Clay Ghaut next to Lucina Chapman’s shop, making the first baton exchange close to the church in Cox village.

The second baton station was at the base of the road leading to the famous Montpelier Hotel and the third station was just prior to the final incline leading to the school.

Both races were run at a terrific clip with the boy’s race really intense on the final leg and attracting the loud cheers from the dozens of spectators en route. Gold house won both events.

The final results were:

1st GOLD-30 punts
2nd RED-25 points
3rd GREEN—20 points

1st GOLD-30 points
2nd GREEN-25 points
3rd RED-20 points

Overall scores
GOLD—60 points
GREEN—45 points
RED—45 points

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